Experience of use Dr. DERM

Maria of Glasgow Experience

experience using the Mary cream from Glasgow

I bought the drug on the advice of a friend. He immediately appreciated the natural composition (sage, aloe, fir, shea butter). I was pleasantly surprised by the absence of synthetic components. This means that there will be no side effects. I also found almost no contraindications to use and did not reveal them in the application process. I decided to write this review to share my successful experience. He was treated only with Dr. DERM, no other anti-psoriasis drug used.

Case history and treatment research

She fell ill with psoriasis as an adult due to family stress and divorce. It all started with an itch, which at first didn't matter. After a month, the itch turned into an incessant and infernal itch that prevented sleep. Red eruptions appeared. I didn't go to the doctor, I didn't have time for that. I heard about my diagnosis with a friend, she is a dermatologist. When I saw my hands, I advised myself to buy a Dr. DERM psoriasis cream and told me how to use it.

Treatment schedule

Used by Dr. DERM according to the instructions. The course of treatment is 28 days. Applied to moisturized and clean skin directly on psoriasis lesions. I waited until the ointment was completely absorbed. From experience, I will say that after the first application I felt a pleasant relief. The cream refreshes and soothes the skin. It smells really good. After the first application, I did not feel any discomfort for several hours. I was pleasantly surprised. A few hours later, a slight tingling and burning sensation returned. I applied the cream again and forgot about the problem until the next day. The symptoms worsened less and less after each use.

Application results

experience of using Mary cream from Glasgow, before and after photos

At the end of the course, I felt almost healthy. The inflammation and itching disappeared after the first week, the skin calmed down. In the final stage, the crust and red spots disappeared. The dermatologist advised to complement the therapy with a diet. I had to limit everything that was greasy (cholesterol free), sweet and starchy. It was difficult, periodically frustrated, but the result was not long in coming. No side effects or allergies. Clean and healthy skin on the hands and face is the best reward for patience. Thank you, Dr. DERM!